otherwise known as sharif.

1. a governor of mecca descended from muhammad.
2. an arab chief, prince, or ruler.
shareef don’t like it.
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i just learned what that song was written about.

after the ayatollah khomeini started ruling iran, one of the first things he did was to ban rock ‘n’ roll since he considered it a bad and corruptive influence.

the clash wrote “rock the casbah” in response. so “shareef” was the ayatollah, even though that wasn’t his real first name.
there’s a computer-generated shareef head in the cafe in back to the future ii.
some dude who don’t like it.
rock the casbah!
a totally hot guy who has no idea how how smokin’ he is. to make things even worse, he’s the smartest guy you’ve ever met but you don’t even know it until you find out one day that he’s got, like, five advanced degrees and is a published author. yeah, you got it – he’s completely modest too. shareef is basically the guy everyone secretly wants to be.
oh my god mom i just met this guy last night – he could possibly be a shareef.
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