a kindhearted, trustworthy, sweet person who will give their all to make the people they love happy. someone who is shy at first but the second she gets comfortable with you, she’ll literally be the weirdest person you’ll ever meet. she’s been through a lot &’ that’s why she gives the best advice &’ is the best listener, but she still isn’t afraid to attack if necessary. she’s overprotective &’ crazy, she isn’t afraid to show her bad side. deep down she’s also one of the most romantic, loving, &’ caring person you can ever be with relationship wise. she’s a nerd to the world, but a freak behind closed doors. she’s pretty straightforward &’ will tell you the truth noo matter how much it hurts, she likes being real with people &’ that may be a problem ’cause sometimes she’s too honest but don’t get her wrong, she can also be the best liar you’ll ever meet, she can get you out of almost any situation if she needs to. she’s a mixture of emotions, she’ll smile at you one minute &’ be crying the next, she is really insecure, which makes noo sense ’cause she has huge b–bs &’ a pretty face but ehh she has a past &’ has her reasons for why she is the way she is. but she’s still one of the best people you would be lucky to have in your life.
jake : ” did you see that girl ?!?! ”
marie : ” that girl eating alone at the lunch table ? that’s sharlene. she’s really sweet, not for nothing but she’s one of the most amazing people you’ll ever meet ! ”
jake : ” woww, she’s soo adorable, i can’t wait to meet her !! ”
the most amazing girl in the world. my bootifull girlfriend. babygirl
yo, you see little debby. shes no sharlene..
a girl who probably sits next to you in some cl-ss and your first impression of her is that shes probably too nice or well behaved to do anything freaky like let loose a rumbling rumplestiltskin or shout “streaking windwardly scuzzbucket!!!!”
but then you go to a party and she happens to be the only sober one there and shes still crazier than stephanie dry humping the ladder that you brought into the living room.
alex – hey sharlene … how’s life?
sharlene – … streaking windwardly scuzzbuckets lolololoolol!!!! -straddles ladder violently-
alex – 0.o ( . y . )
stephanie – i can do it better!!! look mom! no hands!
sharlene – pthltpbth

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