typically used by bogan aussies who have had already ten kids to eight different fathers. upper cl-ss australians often avoid calling their kids (girls) sharon because it reminds us of the housos who live on the dole.
“f-cking h-ll daryl! another kid fell out me happy hole! i’ll have to call it sharon like the rest of the other kids.
somebody that is amazingly beautiful, funny, kind, and outstanding.
ohh man. her name has got to be sharon! she’s gorgeous awesome girl to talk and hangout with.
wow,that looks like fun,her name must be sharon.
the epitome of cool.
person 1 : yo dude, check out those amazingly s-xy sungl-sses!
person 2: whoa, they are so sharon!
she’s a loyal friend and will always be there to make you feel better when you’re upset. she always puts your feelings before her own and cares a lot about other people.
person1; she’s so nice!
person2; she’s obviously a sharon.
1.a person’s name;
people with the name sharon are usually sharing and intelligent
that girl, sharon, is so smart and nice!
an extremely hot self-centered girl with brown curly hair. she is said to hold her own and become extremely popular with the people around her. when people try to hate on her they just get more jealous.
sharon is so hot! oh my gosh your looking sharon fabulous
the most amazing girl you’ll ever meet has perfect hair has a perfect smile and just the most amazing person you will meet all around no matter what.
wow that looks so sharon

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