the name shashank comes from the indian origin. in sanskrit the meaning of the name shashank is: the moon
girl: so romantic like shashank
to get left behind. to be ditched. usually used when a person is left behind in santa barbara because she was too drunk to go back.
she got too drunk in santa barbara over the weekend so she got shashanked by the guy who drove her there.
1) a s-xy indian name.

2) a boy who stays playing.

3) a pimp
1) to knife someone bad.

2) to get busted.
3) to get burned really badly.
girl 1: who’s that dude talking to jane?
girl 2: that’s her new boy friend shashank.

dude 1: oh sh-t you saw what happend to joe?
dude 2: maayne! that dude got shashanked!
a unique and intriguing name of south asian origin. highly recommend pursuing people with this name, who turn out to be funny, intelligent and great people to be around.

original meaning can be the moon or another name for shiva, a major deity in hinduism.
my boyfriend’s name is shashank.
(verb) shuh-shahnk shashank-ed, shashank-ing

the act of one’s body being ran over or hit by a moving vehicle while one is walking.
(1)”dang man, he was walking across the street and got shashanked by that truck!”

(2) “hey, i’m going to cross the street and go to the store.”

“ok, well watch out for cars and try not to get shashanked.”
one of the awesomest people in the whole world. these ‘shashanks’ are one of a kind and very rare! he has too much swag!
omg! he is shashank!
the most awesome guy in the entire freakin universe.
d-mn man! you’re a freaking shashank!

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