happy open minded no tolorance for bullsh-t artistic peaceful fun loving caring women
shativia: sha-ti-vi-a

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  • eatstagram

    an instagram account where u post photos of u eating food or photos of food this isn’t rinsta worthy, but it’s food, so i guess i’ll put it on my eatstagram!

  • anti-hemingwayesque

    not of hemingwayesque, namely ernest hemingway the novel was delicate and anti-hemingwayesque, a modern bestseller.

  • pootter

    blonde hair, blue eyed, redneck! usually will always drive a jacked up chevy. destined to be with a tracey and have a christian. when a pootter cares about something he will show it in the craziest ways. crazy possessive and obsessive but only cause he cares so deeply. its hard to stay with pootter but […]

  • valise

    a small bag you use when you go to travel. all the p-ssengers are asked to bring their own valise.

  • orgasm gauntlet

    the -rg-sm gauntlet is a challenge of s-xual activities between a man and a women in which the male has the survive the following gauntlet of s-xually activities without busting a nut. hand job, bl-w j-b, t-t job, v-g-n-l and finally sword fighting. if the male survives all the s-xual acts for the set time […]

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