a portmanteu of the words ‘sh-tty’ and ‘att-tude’. it can be summarized as an individual who is overly cynical, uncouth, irritable and flat out rude. usually people with shatt-tudes are extremely unhappy and wretched and seek to bring others down into their endless abyss of misery and self-loathing with them.
jessica is hopelessly insecure and makes up for this by berating others as much as possible. she has a terrible shatt-tude.
a poor or unaccpetable att-tude towards someone or something.
that teentool needs working on; he’s got shatt-tude.
the grunts and/or other -ssorted sounds expelled from one sh-tting.

“you betta fix that shatt-tude, boy! don’t make me take my belt off!”

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