someone who you will never understand but is cute, funny and someone who if he comes your way dont p-ss him up you will regret it for the rest of your life. i love you shayne!
amiee: “shayne can i have another chance?”
shayne: “no”
honest, honest, honest. he is a smart-ss but that’s okay. he’ll be your friend if you aren’t annoying. and somehow that’s really cool. talk to him, he won’t turn away if he cares. very clever and just a downright cool kid. big opinions. he’s also a good kid. he is that guy who makes the right desicion under any circ-mstance, which is very honorable. live your life with shayne, he makes it fun.
i’m so bored

shayne: so?

wanna do something?

shayne: sure, lets see a movie
a s-x god, who would pleasure any girl but is a smart-ss
marc was being a shayne yesteray in bedd
she the cool chick with the boys name. likes hanging out with the guys but has those girlie moments and kind to a fault always helping people if they need a hand. plus she can kick my booty. i love a girl who can hand my -rs- to me.
me: god d-mn girl your short
shayne: right hight to punch you right in the …
me: good thing you love me
shayne: a lucky thing
a really chill girl. she likes to hang with the boys. got a little bit of devil in her, but stays out of trouble. she won’t har-ss you for you’re own mischievous ways. she’s got a short temper, and can see right through any bullsh-t. tick her off, and she’s gone. she’s got a sweet smile, and an innocent personality. a shayne like this is rare, so don’t let her go. you won’t be disappointed.
“dude did you see shayne at the nascar race yesterday? she looked amazing.”
wow – she’s a milf if i’ve ever seen one. at first thought to be an urban legend but when spotted – you’ll know you’ve finally reached nirvana.
“wow! she’s a total shayne!”
a very attractice girl, usually blonde. known for being compulsive liar and not too good with long term relationships. shayne’s usually tend to be in the middle of drama.
person 1: wow, i can’t believe shayne broke up with her boyfriend already. she told me he was great.
person 2: well, that’s shayne for you.

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