exclamatory phrase used when striking an unsuspecting victim in the genitalia with a foreign apparatus such as a back scratcher or a crow bar.
isn’t that your mom over there? shazam!
1: the first letters of the names of the gods solomon, hercules, atlas, zeus, achilles, and mercury, usually screamed by billy batson to summon the power of captain marvel.

2: a goofy f-ckin’ exclaimation uttered by gomer pyle to further make him look like a dumb-ss.

3: an acceptable phrase to utter during -rg-sm whilst having s-xual relations.
1) this word was originally came from captain marvel comics, captain marvel would say this word and it was the source of his power

2)we use it now to put emphasis on an extraordinary action
1) captain marvel says, “feel my wrath evildoers, shazam!”

2)a: “did you get the tickets?”

b: “it didnt look good but i waited for 2 hours, some people ahead of me gave up and went home, but” -pulls out tickets- “shazam!”
the expression of happiness, elation or general agreement on a subject matter at hand. an informal mannerism used to express ones individualism and or excitement in a quite place (i.e. the library, cl-ss, work, church, funerals, etc.)at no particular time and for no reason beknownst to anyone but yourself and the immediate party (parties) involved. usually accompanied by a single or a double high five, depending upon the discretion of the parties involved as well as the social setting of the “shazam!”.
joe: hey philly, guess what?
philly: whats that dear friend?
joe:we both just got a raise and don’t have to work this weekend! i just found twenty bucks,it’s happy hour all week long and that hot mom over there is totally eye f-cking you right now!…
joe & philly: shazam!
an exclimation when something happens unexpectedly in your favor
shazam! i got an answer right on jeopordy!!!!
when peter griffin -rg-s-ms he yells shazam!! by the way family guy is one of the best shows ever.
peter: oh oh oh!
lois: wait peter.. hold on a sec…
peter:oh oh oh shazam!!!
unzipping a man’s taint from b-lls to -n-s with a pair of kiddie scissors.
kansas rep. pete degraaf said getting raped was no different from getting a flat tire?! someone oughta shazam! that dude.


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