like baller but with an sh standing for shut yo mouth young blood i’m so much better than you and you stupid slang
shut up boy i’m a shballer

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  • whizzo

    a dated british expression indicating that something is good. spitfire pilot one: “that was hairy, managed to shoot down a couple of huns in 109’s though” spitfire pilot two: “whizzo! bl–dy 109ers got tommy last week”

  • dirty dand

    when you get completely f-cked, or disrespected. an act of extreme disrespect. “yo did you hear about my man jose? his parents straight dirty dan’d him.” “oh sh-t, what happened?”

  • *rs*heil

    an -rs-hole of a n-z- persuasion. likely to use pc as a derogatory term. highly likely to use cuck when speaking to everyone outside their ‘clan’. oh man, can’t believe you voted for that -ssclown trump, i never had you down as an -rs-heil before.

  • bloey joey

    when a girl fills her mouth with whipped cream, then you stuck your love muscle in there. she doesn’t suck it but she sakes her head ferociously. me and this chick were making pies and she used the last of the whipped cream to give me a bloey joey

  • pugong

    can be a noun or verb or adjective. chinese in origin. may have something to do with castle clash. type of chinese armpit tea. hedgemony. “that chick needs to shave her pugong” ” i sat on the toilet until all the pugong” “i pulled out and pugonged all over her -ss”

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