an absolute cl-ster f-ck of messages or text from a woman, usually in full caps
“f-ck you, you don’t love me anymore”
“geez talk about she-spam…”

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  • c*ckfoam

    foam that comes from the c-ck person one,”eww what’s that foamy stuff on the floor?” person two,” ohh dont touch that , thats my c-ckfoam”

  • uber g*y

    a “hoax” to a friend referring that they are really f-cking g-y. carlos is being uber g-y. a. think richard simmons and brian boitano in hot pink jumpsuits making out; alternatively, any male buffy the vampire slayer fan. b. so staggeringly g-y that you have to sit down because you just can’t function. when jim […]

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    sh-t day, bad day im having a zondo you look like your having a zondo 1. verb – to zondo a joint is to smoke it down to 1/4 and then dip the end in sugar. this is particularly enjoyable if you are with a friend, as the sugar makes you feel like sunshine. 2. […]

  • riptornt

    when your gal fakes her period so you can’t have s-x, but the truth is that the guy she f-cked last riptornt her p-ssy and that’s why she’s spotting . guy, ” hey wanna f-ck?” gal, ” no i can’t i’m spotting”. guy , ” you just had you period last week , your riptornt […]

  • skatty catty

    a hoe, h-r-, slag, badders, sket, jezz and etc. basically a sl-t. ayy my ex is a skatty catty, u kno she gave me uck behind tesco.

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