shefou can mean exactly anything. this awesomeness is so awesome that you can only use it in times of great awesomeness, s-xiness, or just regularness
man #1 : “hey dude did you see that shefou girl?”

man # 2 : “yea dude! she’s so fricken hot!”

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  • Shfagger

    aslo known as (shf-ggbag) is a dirty b-st-rd with a c-ck shoved up his -ss chase stop beeing a f-cking shf-gger and get the c-ck out of your -ss.

  • Shezzer

    type of hard person from chesterfield / sheffield, uk. see tolly he were a r8 shezzer (northern accent)

  • shhive

    verb: the act of telling one to shut up or shhhhh as you stab them repeatedly from an upwards angle with a dull knife, weapon, or shank 1:hyo bud come here 2:owwwwwwwwwww 3:shhhhhhhh (as you shhive him)

  • Emilesque

    to describe a skill or display of talent so great it can be compared to the the finishing capabilities of england centre forward emile heskey. an adjective to justify cl-ss, flair and excellence. mate! that pudding was emilesque!

  • Shifty Schwartz

    a guy who pretends to be a movie producer to lure young girls onto the “casting couch” the shifty schwartz put out an ad for “actresses” in the local newspapaer ad.

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