h-llo in mohawk
shé:kon kahontiiostha.

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  • protein *sshole

    a guy who is so obsessed with working out that he always seems to be holding a protein shake or shaking protein powder in his mouth. yo that guy is a total protein -sshole, look at him just going to town at that protein milkshake…piece of sh-t.

  • arash chode

    a j-panese person who is caught changing and then rumours spread that he has a chode… does he? are the rumours true? yes. have you heard about arash chode?

  • t*tle drop

    when the t-tle of a movie is used in a sentence within said movie. with exception of names. t-tle drops: cersei in game of thrones: “when you play the game of thrones, you win or you die.” dr. emmet in back to the future: “you gotta come back with me… back to the future” jesse […]

  • party hoe

    define “party hoe”: a party hoe is a hoe (obvious) who parties every night and wakes up in the morning thinking “should i party tonight and be the hoe that i am? why not? let’s do this!” melissa: “i want to party every night & drink my a– off!!” jack: “you’re such a party hoe” […]

  • santa special

    when you somehow manage to do this, you know that sh-t was crazy. when you puke all over a rooftop from intoxication. this a diffucult achievement because you know you aint coming down from that roof “yeah, that party was so nuts i santa specialed that whole roof”

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