the action of annihilating, destroying, or otherwise beating your opponent in an abusive, s-d-stic, or embar-ssing manner.
“wow, the patriots really got their -sses kicked, didn’t they?”

“yep, it was a real sh-llacking.”
a severe beating. oftentimes well deserve. in american politics it happens when the party in power ignores the will of the people or pretends to know how to spend your money better than you do.
my administration really took a sh-llacking yesterday. maybe nancy pelosi and i didn’t communicate our policies clearly enough, or maybe we didn’t do enough
adding the band sh-llac to a play-list of someone who would never listen to this noise band from chicago;especially in pandora or other online stations using the add variety b-tton to change their musical mix.
i totally sh-llacked her drake mix; she had no idea what that noise was.

i was sh-llacking everybody’s pandora playlists at work and they were all freaking out over the noise.
1. a heavy defeat of one political party over another due by unfavorable actions of said party.
“i’m not recommending for every future president to take a sh-llacking like i did last night. i’m sure there are easier ways to learn those lessons” ~bho
what happens to a president of the united states of america when his agenda goes against what the american people believe he should be doing.
barack obama “and — and that’s something that — now, i’m not recommending for every future president that they take a sh-llacking like i did last night.”
the act of sticking your leg out and getting a male human to stand over your leg, and then you swiftly lift your leg up in order to hit the person in the b-lls.
you idiot! how did you fall for that sh-llacking?

for that wet w-lly, i’m gonna sh-llack you so hard!

when obama talks about getting a sh-llacking, it was because i sh-llacked him.

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