a beast from the lord of the rings trilogy by j.r.r. tolkien. she is most well known for heavily resembling a monstrous spider, albeit with a wasp stinger and a gaping mouth, despite real world spiders having a liquid diet. she appeared in the two towers, but the film places her in return of the king.
“most like a spider she was, but huger than the great hunting beasts, and more terrible than they because of the evil purpose in her remorseless eyes. great horns she had, and behind her short stalk-like neck was her huge swollen body, a vast bloated bag, swaying and sagging beneath her legs; its great bulk was black, blotched with livid marks, but the belly underneath was pale and luminous and gave forth a stench. her legs were bent, with great kn-bbed joints high above her back, and hairs that stuck out like steel spines, and at each leg’s end there was a claw.” -description of shelob from the two towers
a huge spider creature from the lord of the rings trilogy.

most people will know her from return of the king however those who read the books know that she was originally in the climax of the two towers.

she guards the secert path into mordor that frodo and sam take with the help of the treacherous gollum.
shelob was great in both the two towers and return of the king.
a giant explosion of s-m-n that occurs after you havent -j-c-l-t-d for a long time: a mega c-mshot

used to describe an unusally large load before or after -j-c-l-t–n
“after i shelob in my bed, i usually clean up with a dirty beater or sock.”

“after i jerked off in the adirondack’s, my sleeping bag looked like shelob’s lair.”

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