deadly amphetamine
got some shenn from my dealer

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  • lopish

    an overall sense drowsiness. “i’m feeling lopish bruh.”

  • napwatch

    the duel process of watching a video and taking a nap. i will napwatch that with you.

  • dttma

    “dont talk to me anymore” “dttma” “why” “i said dttma”

  • adaiyah

    the most precious. an energetic puppy. she is like a daisy. so wonderful you would not believe your eyes — all the guys want her. sophia: i’m so happy adaiyah is my best friend! she’s awesome!

  • sturt

    a really weird dude person 1: is that sturt? person 2: ew instantly cool. spiffy. did you see that sturts? now that is a sturts!

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