a period of time spent sitting on the toilet texting, after you’ve finished your dump.
go away! i’m enjoying my shiatus

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  • Mississippi Moonwalk

    the act of doing a moonwalk naked and sh-tting on the ground, and walking through it while still moonwalking. i just made a huge mississippi moonwalk on the stage, so i shouldn’t go inside.

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    used as a measure of time. similar to a new york minute but instead of being an instant, a mississippi moment can be anywhere from 15 minutes to 5 hours. the term comes from how slow mississippi residents are in the head. it takes them forever to figure out how to do even the simplest […]

  • Pindleskin

    the smallest most micro of all the micro d’s. lacks all d curvature, and in general gets no ladies. full of herpes, and genital warts and has a yellowish hue. -as bryce drops his shorts to take a shower- joe says: “dude you have a pindleskin”

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