an awesome south indian woman, who’s idlis brings all the boys to the yard.
hey are you wearing a push-up bra? because you look like shilpa in that shirt.
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somebody who is a caring and nice person. shilpas are usually random, sometimes annoying. somebody who cares for friends and family. has lots of friends from many different groups. they can fight back verbally and sometimes they take things too seriously. somebody whoo is very generous and helpful. shilpas are very trustworthy and honest. they are usually very intelligent and good at most sports, maybe bad at a few. somebody who is very pretty. their hair, eyes, and personality are the best parts.
hey it’s shilpa, she’s awesome!
a shilpa is a rarely observed creature or kind.

one who is dramatic, extremely excitable. a foodie, a clown, a sea urchin lover, a ball grabber,a poet.

shilpas usually look funny upside down. because they wear nothing. and get angry if other girls’ hem lines outdo theirs.
your mom is a shilpa.

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