shinyoung is usually an asian girl with small eyes and lips, and black hair. she can be a little serious if you tell a joke that might offend her. but once you get to know her, she has a really funny personality and is super smart. everyone needs a friend like a shinyoung.
shinyoung was so offended when i told her a joke but i explained it to her and she understood
shinyoung is usually he name of a korean girl. shinyoung is extremely talented and mature. although you can’t figure out how she feels most of the time, yet as you get closer to her, you start understanding her even more. by being near a shinyoung, you become happier and feel like someone finally loves you for who you are. shinyoung is a girl who is shy at first, but then warms up to you to show that she’s so much fun to be around. if you are friends with a girl named shinyoung, treasure her forever. she might be the nicest friend you’d ever meet. don’t mess it up with her.
omg! that must be a shinyoung, she’s so nice!

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