shit bands

the plural for a band that makes bad music
nickelback. sounds like a bunch of guys with ivfs in their arms and flowers in their hair, pulling one last tune out of their -ss-s before they get executed by baboons on some weird island. this is one of many sh-t bands.
99 percent of the sh-t that’s on mysp-ce.
joff: hey dood, check out me new band homeboy, were on mysp-ce man, we gonna be m-ssive dood.

rab: not tonight mate, washing me hair.

joff: but dood, we gonna be m-ssive n stuff! aiiiight! i got contacts me.

rab: sunshine, all the advertis-m-nt in the world won’t make you a better band. now f-ck off, you little flid. tsssk, sh-t bands and mysp-ce go together like flies and sh-t.
panic! at the disco, new metallica, fallout boy, korn, and slipknot.

dream theater, marilyn manson, tool
the above are all sh-t bands.

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