shit handshake

to knowingly or unknowingly shake someone’s hand directly after having a sh-t without washing ur hands, the other person might be too embarr-ssed to sniff their hands after the sh-t handshake.
i’m gonna give him/her a sh-t handshake.

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  • chooner

    someone who takes a sh-t in other peoples house’s typically to not stink up their own bathroom. often used as a derogatory term. -you took at sh-t at his house? you’re a f-cking chooner. -come finsih this set, don’t be a chooner

  • salmon sausage

    a very very long slimy p-n-s. approximately 30m in length. woah, he has a m-ssive salmon sausage.

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    hit a 3 point contested shot in basketball #clutch p-ss the ball here so i can “pull up in that uzzi skirt skirt”

  • koala bear hugging

    when one person, usually the girl, wraps their legs around the hips of the guy. “did you see sam koala bear hugging that guy?”

  • wrong talker

    someone who often uses words or terms such as “valentime’s day”, “libary”, and “expecially”, that are wrong — and do not exist. these offenders also wrong talk words that should be easy to pr-nounce. for instance, “golf” is pr-nounced “goff”. the “l” sound is somehow mind-numbingly ignored. person #1: “man…what college did kim go to”? […]

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