shit humper

a gay f-g, who has f-got -ss but s-x with his but buddy. the f-got humps the sh-t of the other f-got, its f-cked up.
look at that kid over there with tight pants i bet he is a sh-t humper

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    to have a rapid or sudden overpowering urge to sh-t when you least expect it. a sudden urge to sh-t that makes you squeeze your b-ttcheeks together tightly to avoid sh-tting your pants. usually accompanied by a rapid widening of the eyelids. an immediate and overpowering need to take a sh-t. when your eyes fly […]

  • shit in someone's hand

    verb. to betray someone. i thought he was an ally, but hitler shat in my hand and invaded my western border. -stalin (rough translation)

  • shitternet explorer

    (noun) a slow, buggy, and overall bad internet browser, made by microsoft. example 1 -this web page’s images are cut up -that’s what you get when you use sh-tternet explorer. example 2 -oh d-mn sh-tternet explorer opened by accident. now it’s going to ask me if i want to make it my default browser. now […]

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    the act of ruining someones good mood by introducing bad news or behaving like a douche-bag. d-bag: “this steak sucks. why are we eating here? i think mcds has better food.” dude: “shut the f— up! it’s my f— birthday! seriously you are sh-tting in my cheerios!”

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