shit on

to diss, demoralize, put down, etc.

sh-t-ted on
sh-t-ting on
(to) sh-t on
50 cent straight sh-tted on ja rule in his freestyle tape.
noun (plural). a particularly obnoxious group of people who generally are despised by another person or group, such as in-laws by a husband or wife. a contraction of “sh-t on” as their behavior is woefully destructive.
dad was out watering the lawn when he saw the buick roadmaster stationwagon round the corner with aunt midge at the wheel, bellowing at her brood of brats in back, who were engaged in some kind of wrestling match.

“the sh-tons are coming!” he warned.
combination of sh-t and ton. as in a ton of sh-t. or large amount of something.
“thats a sh-ton of stuff ya got there.”
when something bad happens due to luck or circ-mstances beyond ones control.
a: gotta chip off mate, the missus has just found my grumble magazine stash!
b: sh-t on buddy you better get there before she destroys the lot!
to sh-t on people,.. usually it is when you know you are greater, better, and smarter than those who are successful than you… 10/10 people will agree that those in a better position than you don’t deserve to be there.. you are not one to judge.. but still.. what the f-ck?? anyway… it is when you go and get yours.. and sh-t on those who think they are better than you.. or don’t mind you cause they think they are the sh-t… there is light at the end of the tunnel.. you will sh-t on everyone…
look at that wack -ss simp… i’m gonna sh-t on him.. watch.. i’ll sh-t on everyone..
when a person hits a bowl and residue gets sucked into their mouth.
f-ck! i just got sh-t on! that sh-t’s nasty!

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