(1)a combination of sh-t and chewbacca of star wars. (2)smells really bad.(3)a derogatory name.
man that bag smeels like a sh-tbacca lives in there

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  • shit damn cow

    afsanahs newest coinage used to replace “holy cow” and “holy sh-t” person1: u hear ure papi chulo bust his teeth person2: sh-t d-mn cow!!!!

  • Shiternet

    when you have a sh-tty internet connection. mostly occurs at lycoming college. -dude why is youtube not loading? i wanna show you this video. – sorry man we have sh-ternet here at school. sucks… when the quality of ones internet connection is terribad. person 1: why you got so much lag today… person 2: it’s […]

  • Shit hill

    n. – shǐt-hǐl another name for a pile of sh-t. usually it’s rather large in size. the old man was so fat and lazy that he never cleaned the parrots’ cages… so sh-t hills were formed by their constant sh-tting in the same spots over and over. a term for someone under the age of […]

  • Cabbage Bus

    a form of local authority funded transportation that whisks the mentally challenged off to a magical world of group rehabilition, medicine and whacking off in public. mummy, the r-t-rds are whacking off on that cabbage bus.

  • Frazzle Bag

    well hammered v-g-n- that smells of bacon. she was so dirty that you could smell her frazzle bag for miles

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