this term was originally made for horseback “riders” who had the wrong type of boot. the boots that you’re supposed to use with horseback riding have heels that stick straight down rather than caving inwards like accessory boots. the term “sh-t heel” talks about those people; they’re not real riders. the people who knew how to ride and how to dress when riding call those people “sh-t heels”, mostly because they’re usually -ssholes.
“look at ‘im, mate! harrison’s a real sh-t heel!”
someone who’s low; mean; dishonest
he’s a real sh-theel; as in he’s so low that he’s like the heel of a shoe dragging in dog sh-t.
a piece of human filth that thinks he is superior to everyone else on the planet.
wow, that dr. klein is a real sh-t heel. sumb-tch thinks he knows everything, man.
an -sshole; a despicable, loathesome person.

my roommate during my freshman year of college was a sh-theel.
slang for an idiot, a despicable person.
shut it, you sh-t heel!
this is an old term dating back at least 100 years. my grandmother from eastern texas used it quite often to describe an uncouth person. i believe it refers to persons who probably didn’t have an out-house or toilet, then when they dropped their pants and stooped down to evacuate their bowels, they would sometime hit the back of their shoes or boots. of course, they probably just as often hit their pants.
that leeroy is a real sh-t heel.
a lazy person. someone who wouldn’t expend the energy to wipe the sh-t they stepped in off their shoes. someone who would sh-t in bed and kick it out with their feet.
bill never has any money. he doesn’t work, and sits around all day watching tv and eating potato chips, he’s a real sh-theel.
a terrible, worthless person; usually from texas
my friend garrett hall is a sh-theel

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