shithole fucker

>a h-m-s-xual guy
usually refering to s-xually active gay men or someone really annoying
dude that guy is such a sh-thole f-cker!!!

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  • shitlard

    a fat disgusting lazy person can you help me with building a birdhouse naw man i’m playing xbox you’re a sh-tlard

  • Shitloader

    someone who sh-ts way too much in one day. someone who never stops having the sh-ts when they don’t have diarrhea. bob just cr-pped for the 6th time today and he doesn’t have diarrhea, he must really be quite the sh-tloader.

  • shitoir

    sh-toir: pr-nuciation after the french sheetwar. trash, lies, brag, exaggeration, gosdip, scuddlebut she laid a load of sh-toir on me about what she likes in a man. he gave her a lot of sh-toir about his accompoishments. don’t give me that sh-toir. give it to me straight.

  • shit on yo grittz

    a synonym for salty or use wen wrong somebody says you are 13 and then you say actually im 15 then you could say she just sh-t on yo grittz

  • cold test

    testing the temperature by judging if your nipple is hardened and visible through a t shirt bob : ” man its kinda cold” b-tch : ” hmm not really” bob : ” your nipples dont say so, they p-ssed the cold test right there!”

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