a sh-tepoke, (also sometimes called a shidepoke), is a green-backed heron. other names include little heron and striated heron.
“the green-backed heron (butorides striatus) is commonly known by it’s salish name, “sh-tepoke.”
look at that sh-tpoke cruising in the sand dunes.
when your banging your woman so hard that your d-ck slips out of her p-ssy and it pokes her in the -ss and you both yell sh-t because it hurt her -ss and bent your c-ck
a sh-tpoke is not a h-m-s-xual by definition, but of course can be one (as in brokeback mountain.) a sh-tpoke is a cross between a sh-t-kicker and a cowpoke, and a complete -sshole.
ha, earl is one serious sh-tpoke. he wears that big belt buckle and br-ss spurs, but his boots are covered in six inches of dried, sick-smelling hog sh-t.
f-ggot, h-m-s-xual, b-tt pirate, queer, etc. a man who pokes another man’s sh-t.

great way to question someone’s s-xuality, with a little old west flair.

this is the correct definition for this term, the other one is a weak imitation.

i personally invented this word back in 2000
jim mcgreevy loves the hairy man -ss. he’s a real sh-tpoke.
the act of poking someone while making the sound of sh-t.
d-mn, alex got sh-tpoked in his eye.

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