Shitty Wasted

a word used to describe your drunken state, it can also be used as a preview to what you want your night to become.
1)one can never use the term sh-tty-wasted to describe a negative experience with alcohol!!!
2)anytime the term is used, it must be immediately followed by the term what’s up. “sh-tty wasted, whats up?” which is usually sang to the tune..”what it is hoe…”
i didnt wake up in my bed this morning, thats how sh-tty wasted i was last night.
whats our goal tonight? getting sh-tty wasted!!

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  • Shittycaca

    when bowel movements lack in size and in strength of smell. my gut was hurting all day . i though it was a big one , but when i went to the restroom it turned out to be a sh-ttycaca.

  • shizzle frits

    the time at which have to take a sh-t after you workout extremely hard. the cold sweat and shakes you get while in the act as well, help to help you recognize it. dude i was gettin my works out on, but afterwards i had the shizzle frits . . . i feel dirty.

  • Shizzlin

    shizzlin~get my drift or get what i’m saying. “you get what i’m shizzlin?” exiting, leaving, cooler way of saying, i’m outta here. i’m shizzlin out fo sheezie.

  • shkimittles

    having big issues with a part of your body. dude, i had some shkimittles with my hair last night.

  • Shlaybees

    it can mean anything you want, or nothing at all. dude that chick has the shlaybees for sure!

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