when the person before you doesn’t flush their log and you spend your entire p-ss trying to carve chunks out of it with your p-ss knife
me : god d-mn it already, that is a giant sh-t, i am going to sh-twhittle my initials into the side of it.

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  • cuttla

    an australian slang term used to replace the words for ‘a couple of’ ” hey jimmy p-ss us a cuttla beers brother “

  • man bazooka juice

    s-m-n. i squirted out some man bazooka juice three times playing that game.

  • mustache cunt

    an offensive word used against people with mustaches, used especially as an expression of anger come here you little mustache c-nt

  • crazy koot

    crazy little person in a good way ya crazy koot

  • tyrone syndrome

    when she gives you head so good your voice drops an octave. “did you hear what happened to that guy?” “yea i heard he had a one night stand and is now suffering from tyrone syndrome.”

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