shlong dong

what women want.
brandon: dude, check out those hot milfs. adam: yeah, they totally want our shlong dongs.

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  • shloo

    beyond perfect in everywhich way there is to be tara is totally shloo a discription of that sl-tty overacted slide footwork done in fast modern ballroom dance,that is termed as exciting and s-xy. however is reminisent in how one’s foot would slide ahead of you in a wet pile of dog sh-t after a night’s […]

  • dirty snatch

    a game in which all agreeing players can simply say “dirty sn-tch” and grab anything out of your hands at any time. for example: friend one: “dirty sn-tch” (grabs a hoagie from his friend) friend two: “d-mn!”

  • shneed bag

    can be used in a form of any insult or towards anyone who is sketchy. originated in hespeler, ontario. “you are a shneed bag for stealing my c-ke.”

  • Cleveland suprise

    when you fart alone in an elevator and leave the noxious result for the next unsuspecting rider i walked into the elevator and the doors had closed before i realized that the fat chick who just got out had left me a cleveland suprise.

  • dingo sex

    when you wake up next to an ugly girl the morning after and would rather chew your arm off to escape than wake her up. “dude why is your arm missing?” “i had dingo s-x last night”

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