a word with multiple meanings, can be used in a derogatory sense or as a greeting, or as a way to describe your behaviour from the previous day. can be shortened to eence for similar effect
dude, i was so shmeenced last night!

oh hi shmeence

that girl has got such a shmeence face bet she takes it up the shmeence

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  • shmig dick

    the morning-after effects on one’s p-n-s after a night of getting shmiggy. symptoms include urinating laundry detergent, blisters, and in some cases your p-n-s falling off yo, she just gave me dome and i got gnarley shmig d-ck!

  • shmoosh

    verb; to consumate, f-ck, have s-x. “yeah, we shmooshed last night.” -ronnie from jersey sh-r- to smooth over let me just shmoosh your hair over verb — to squeeze, usu. the face of your da bubby; could be misinterpreted as something naughty “i am going to shmoosh you like you’ve never been shmooshed before!”

  • LCpl Ortiz

    the first dominican marine general; coconut cutter, one who always says the words “ok” and “bueno” lcpl ortiz, are you going to do that? ok! bueno! i am the first dominican general!

  • shmuck schmuck

    p-n-s. originally means jewelry in yiddish, hence ‘family jewels’ and thus ‘pr-ck’ the shlamiel is a shmuck

  • Show-mo

    a gay man who likes broadway shows and musicals. my wife took me to see rent at the hollywood bowl and i looked around at all these gay guys were totally show-mo’s. steven said “sorry shannon, but i can not date nph because he is too much of a show-mo.”

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