decepticon general. transforms into a powerful blaster. extremely determined, loyal, and above all else, logical.

one eyed purple gun indeed.
“shockwave, i leave cybertron to you, keep it as i have left it.”
condition caused by prolonged use of ecstasyor mdma. presents during sleep, causes person to believe that they’ve woken up. person tries to talk/move/scream and is unable to move/speak. mind realizes paralysis and is terrified. sensation of feeling trapped in your mind. eventually the person wakes and realization sets in.
“john is not coming out tonight, he got shockwave last night and it freaked him.”
when the waves in the ocean are so rough your man holds you like a bowling ball.
thank god he had me in the shock wave, or i might not have come up after that wave.
a move to use on your woman (much like the dutch oven) but it is a kami kazi move for people who don’t like the smell of their own farts.
directions: to properly execute a successful delivery of the death blow of the “shockwave”, one must possess the art of timing and rhythm.

1st. in bed and under the covers, let a dirty fart just rip (eating a polish diet will make a deadly fart-smell concoction).
2nd. slowly raise your feet to a level of 1-2 feet. this will fill the chamber (the covers of biological death warfare) with air.
3rd. drop your feet and as your feet are approximately 1/2 way down, raise the the edge of the covers nearest you faces and unleash the payload!!!! the flash gust of toxic wind will blow right into your victim’s face!!! (for best results, wait for he mouth to be wide open- she will taste it!!!!
4th. laugh at your victim who should be angry, gagging, (and if you took my advice on the proper diet) begging for mercy or even death.
have fun! very effective!!
girl- omg!!!! wtf!!!! -gags coughs and gags again-

the bomber- “that was the shockwave, baby! and my patented brew;)…. he said proudly” (you must include the quote “he said proudly” as the home run of your victory speech.
waving the shocker in the air.
we were at the club last night, and i had to throw up a shockwave so my boys could see where i was.
to sabotage; to ruin (usually on purpose and with hate)
leave it up to the police to shockwave our good party we had going on.
the feeling a guy get after he -j-c-l-t-s after getting a real good, above average bl-w j-b.
girl gives guy bl-w j-b. guy c-ms. his legs start to tremble and he feels relaxed and sleepy. hence he got a shockwave.

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