short shaming

no, this has nothing to do with p-n-s length; your dirty mind would go there!

short shaming is the act of teasing or disparaging a person because of their short stature.

it’s a form of discrimination that gets the impunity that racism doesn’t. short shaming has a surprising double standard present in many women: they advocate for the body positivity of themselves and others, yet openly and shamelessly denounce short men.

it’s important to remember that height is genetic and unchangeable once a man hits the approximate age of 20; discriminating against it is never a valid criticism. short men face a lot of discrimination, so just remember to treat them with the respect that everybody deserves. short shaming is like racism: you’re discriminating against a harmless trait that someone cannot change.
girl 1: “so how tall’s your new boyfriend?”
girl 2: “he’s 5’8.”
girl 1: “ew, it’s only a friends thing, right?”
girl 2: “hey, quit short shaming, i love him!”

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