shots reflected

when someone has a good comeback
shots reflected

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  • skrabies

    a term used in minecraft by little f-ckers who are to afraid to say bad words because there mom is watching them you: holy “skrabies” that creeper came out of know were other jack -ss: your a six year old, is your mom in the room? you: shhhhh she might hear you.

  • slam breath

    when someone’s mouth smells like he or she got done taking a good throat f-cking. b-tch, where the f-ck were you? you smell like slam breath!

  • Slick and slide

    to slick up your slip and slide with some sort of lubricant and then have your partner bent over at the end of it and just slide into their -n-s i’d like michael to slick and slide into my -ss

  • slick bickin

    when you are too chill, and reach the max of chillness i’m just slick bickin

  • slop nasty

    when you suck the sh-t of out of someone’s -sshole so that their intestines come out and you sh-t it out your -ss and shove it down their throat out their nipples and tie them with it. i just gave a slop nasty to my little brother! it was delishous!

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