a riverview college nsw sydney term. either meaning:
– full of sh-t
– showing off
bob: i saw jesus the other day
john: showbag
just like a bag that is brought at any show off poor carnival folke, it is full of sh-t. you call someone a showbag if they lie or say something you don’t agree with
scrim: “hey gav, i’m better than you at table tennis”
gav: “as if scrim, your such a showbag”
1. somebody who just likes to talk and talk and talk, though their words have no real meaning or basis in reality.
2. a person who, like a showbag, is full, to the point of exploding, of sh-t.
those four days your mother was in town were a nightmare. that woman is such a f-cking showbag, i just wanted to drive knives into my ears.
someone or something that is completely full of sh-t.
code word for the boss “showbags is on his/her way”
literally someone who is ‘full of cr-p’

one who boasts or lies – compulsively (to gain attention, popularity or impress a chick or ones mates).

originated in the late 90s early 2000s from the kiddy show bags you buy at the sydney easter show – the bags are full of lollies and cheap cr-p… hence… full of cr-p!

location: in osborne park, lane cove on a balcony.
“you know that hot chick that works at foodies servo?”


“i boned her last night!”

“f-ck off show bag!”
a t-tle given to a person who is full of cr-p
person 1: i can run 100m in 7 secs
person 2: your such a show bag!
a bottom-dwelling fish such as carp, or more commonly cod that is reknown for their undesirable or unpalatable flesh and/or offal.
fisherman 1: “i’ve got one!”
fisherman 2: “what’d you catch?”
fisherman 1: “d-mn, it’s just a showbag.”
fisherman 2: “that’s a cod. why do you call it a ‘showbag’?”
fisherman 1: “cos it’s full of sh-t.”

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