when someone is spitting while they’re talking.
maggie: jsjskidksjdndsjslwh….
anna: dude, calm down you showered me.
device that men use to wack off while at thier in-laws house
i m-st-rb-t- so much in the shower when it rains i get a hard on
a great place to jerk off when your a teenager and have little privacy.
man i have a throbbing erection and i really need somewhere to explode my load! hmmmm the house if full of people….

“i’m taking a shower!”

alright party time! fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap stiffled groan
an excuse to cover up masturbation
kid: not now mom! im taking a shower!
a p-n-s that doesn’t grow much during an erection.

see also: grower
my p-n-s is a shower.
similar to s-x. you take your clothes off, get your d-ck nice and wet, m-ssage it till its nice and warm, and -j-c-l-t- your sperm thinking s-xual things.
tom took a shower today whilst thinking of a hot girl from school, the bathroom was filled with the sound of fapping for a minute, followed by a moan of pleasure as tom j-zzed all over himself.
when a man already already has a big p-n-s when flaccid, but when they have an erection it doesn’t grow much larger.see grower
i know a man who is a shower, and his wife loves it.
the place where you can’t tell the difference between water and tears.
my fiance broke up with me, so i went to take a shower.

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