Shredding the nard

when one refers to the “art” or shredding the nar, one may include a “d” on the end of nar, this is because there parents did not teach them proper diction.
setting: chair lift p-ssing by the terrain park
buddy hits huge kicker, and land a quad back flip, said girl yells out “he just shredded the nar” said girl two yells at said girl one ” your an idiot, its obviously he just shredded the nard, the diction ovs allows for more emphasis on the crushing ability of said buddy”.

example 2-

setting: exact same time and place as example 1 (pov of shredders)

said buddies buddy comes over to him and says “bro you are shredding the nar”. said buddy yells “you an idiot, i obviously just “shredding the nard”, the diction ovs allows for it to seem way more shredding then then just nar”

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