yiddish, meaning to push or nudge
american slang for “fornication” but closer in use to f-ck.
so mary was shtuping john?
or my cat’s name is “shtup”
yiddish, colloquially for f-ck. you can see where it came from nudge.
oy, that goy needs a good shtup
to shtup, contrary to what these morons have written here, means, literally, to stuff. it comes from yiddish.

think about it — how do you get from “nudge” to “f-ck”?

related: after a male shtups to completion, he speichs.
parental (read: grandparents) usage: just shtup all the bags into the car so we can be on our way.

modern usage: q: so, how did your date go last night? you give her a shtupping? a: oh yeah, i shtupped her like a thanksgiving turkey, then speiched all over her face.
to stand up someone. fail to appear.
i can’t believe it! john shtupped me once again. that bizntach!
the black girl’s 3/5 way of saying shut up.
aw h-ll no n-gg- yo betta shtup befo i bet tha cracka -ss of yours!
a shortened form of shut up. for when people aren’t worth the time or effort of saying the full phrase.
shtup megan! i’m right and you know it!

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