get naked

see naked
get shucked hunny.
getting screwed/f-cked on an online transaction. ie buying something off of ebay, paying for it, and never actually receiving the item.
bave got ‘shucked’ so hard when he tried to buy _____ off of ebay.
verb; ditched
guy 1: dudeee i got shucked by my girl yesterday i dont know what the problem is.

guy 2: probly cuz she was at my house.
being sh-t f-cked
dude last night i was so shucked
a term used when a simple task cannot be performed due to the person showing off. derives from ‘f-cked it up whilst showing off’.
when a person has to hit a ball, but attempts to do it in an amusing/fancy way and misses. his opponent shouts ‘you shucked it’

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