a replacement word for four letter or angry words. this word allows you respectfully express yourself while not offending anyone and sounding silly at the same time. sounding silly helps in getting over whatever caused you to use the word in the first place.
shuckydooo!!!! i stumped my toe on the table again!

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  • gun b*m

    a gun b-m is a gunman who lives a poor, rootless lifestyle. the gun b-m life is often portrayed in westerns and mercenary films.

  • indio swap meet

    the act of dipping your sweaty lubricated b-lls into the desert sand and dragging them repeatedly across your partners face, much like sandpaper. nick prepared the finest indio swap meet jason has ever had.

  • jacker boy

    a young man that got caught pleasuring himself at an inappropriate time. -fap- -fap- -fap- “what the h-ll dude” “what?” “we are at grandma’s funeral” “so?” “you are being a jacker boy right now?” “well sorry, i can’t control my urge to splurge”

  • mojambo

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  • rule 153

    if someone walks slowly in front of you in the stairs/ escelators, you are obliged to push him/ her/ it. person a: -walking slowly in escelator- person b: -pushes person a- person a: wtf? person b: rule 153 bro. person a: godd-mnit.

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