shoulda coulda woulda
wish i would have had that last night, shucwu

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  • turtles/turts

    slang used in hawai’i regarding time. 1:turtles (1:30) 2:turtles (2:30) 3:turtles (3:30) etc. you can also just use the short term and say “turts” -only to replace thirty- billy: brah, what time you start work today jean: 9 turtles either turtles/turts could be used

  • Shulla Fitta

    it’s the preferred name of a person who is being full of sh-t. full of sh-t shulla fitta abbr. shulla joan was being a real shulla fitta yesterday at work.

  • tweetelage

    tweetelage twee-te-lage noun to provide tutelage over twitter commonly found in tweets among traders, where professional traders tweet advice/tips to aspiring traders twitter feed: professional_trader777: looks like we may test that level on the way up aspiring_trader69: @professional_trader777 gee, thanks for the tweetelage mister.

  • trillsack

    one who third wheels or is a c-ck blocker. usually -ssociated with someone that has b-tch t-ts or a small p-n-s guy 1: you get any last night? guy2: no, that trillsack ruined everything.

  • Trinidadian

    -people who are native to the country trinidad which is located in the caribbean. -immigrants who become citizens of the country jamie: is it true you really from trinidad? jonas: yeah, i’m a trinidadian

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