initially coined by vice ganda, a well-known filipino gay actor, to imply someone as stupid, idiot or foolish for doing stupid, idiot or foolish acts.

derived from the tagalog word “tanga” which also consists the same meaning.
girl: malalim kong ginugupit ang kuko sa paa ng anak ko para matagal ang pagtubo nito.

vice ganda: teh, shunga ka ba?
j-panese erotic art, mostly woodblock prints or hand painted scrolls. very prominent during the 1800 ukiyo-e era. also an ancestor of hentai.
the slideshow in art history today was on shunga…all the guys in there had thier text books on thier laps!
j-panese for p-rnography, apparently.
“you searched for pokemon hentai right? try shunga?”

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