another word for cool.
dude: bruh your shoes are so shw-nk.
dude 2: thanks bruh
a shw-nk is the very precise art of having a sh-t and a w-nk at the same time such that you come at both ends at the same time causing you to p-ss out.

also known as schw-nk.
julian was found in a such a mess on the toilet. he must have had a shw-nk
another meaning for “sweet” positive notation
wow! that is shw-nk!
to simultanously hang a sh-t and to w-nk (m-st-rb-t-).
f-ck yeah do it all the time,lowers your chance of getting prostate cancer by fifty percent,yeah f-ck yeah shw-nking is the way to go!
a object that is the cross between a sword and a shank.
1. she used her shw-nk to kill the alien because it was small enough to hide.
the act of m-st-rb-t–n whilst in the shower.
shw-nk, shw-nking.
w-nking in the shower
tom: hey lewy, you look really refreshed today!
lewy: yeah man, just had a shw-nk, felt so good.
will: wtf is a shw-nk bro?
lewy: when you have a w-nk in the shower!
will: mad!

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