when an older male/female dates, or brings a younger person as a date to an event because either
1. they won’t be able to find a date any other way and all younger people would want to go
2. the older person want to make sure they will get some action so they choose younger easier person

usually only occurs in highschool/college situations like proms or semis
(usually a bad idea that one will regret in the future)
guy1: dude i’m bringing sara to senior prom this year
guy2: wait sara the soph-m-re? are you really going sifting for a prom date?
guy1: yeah i found out that she will hook up with me if i get her into prom
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a little known, but still kick-ss, song by nirvana. was on their first alb-m, bleach, which was recorded for around $600 dollars and went on to only sell around 35,000 copies, showing little hint that nevermind would leave them as rock legends.

teacher said,
your eyes …
teacher said,
preacher said

“don’t have nothing for you”

spell the smell
wouldn’t it be fun?
search for a church
wouldn’t it be fun?
wet your bed
wouldn’t it be fun?
cold in coals
wouldn’t it be fun?

the act of being a ‘social b-tterfly’ at a party. only you float from girl to girl, hitting on all of them.
look at jim, sifting about… what a pillock.
sifting happens when you are very close to sh-tting, yet you let out a foul fart, hence “sifting” the fart through a m-ssive sh-t.
on his way to the bathroom, john tried sifting out a fart before almost sh-tting himself.
the lifting up of the male or female breast
did you just see that sifting action, he got three inches on it

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