signs are actions a person does/says to subtly indicate to another that they are interested in them, be it romantically or s-xually. life is really just a question of reading the signs.
dude #1: man, that girl just told me she wants someone to watch frozen with
dude #2: it’s a sign!
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when lawyers make warning signs.
the huge thing on the side of the road that says stuff
look at that sign
a term used to state a claim of dominance of a female being through the act of s-xual intercourse. the term refers to the metaphoric description that the male has “signed” his name on any chosen part of that particular female’s body, primarily the stomach area or lower back, with his ejaculatory fluid.
“nah man, its all good, i already signed that sh-t months ago at that one party.”

“dude, you better sign that sh-t tonight”

“good luck with signing her up after taking her out to dinner”
somtimes used on communities like mysp-ce
if you like someone you might make them a sign.
this involves taking a picture of youself holding a piece of paper with a message on it for that person for them to display on their profile.
if you write, ” i love matthew” on a piece of paper and take a picture and send it to that person. this is called a sign.
1. that nasty feeling in your stomach right before diarrhea

2.the act of sh-tting your brains out
d-mn, i got signs…where the h-ll is a bathroom!
the new snoop dogg song ft. justin timberlake, and charlie wilson.
“yo dogg, ur new vid is da sh-t. kep it gangsta foo.”
a brilliant, misunderstood and underrated movie.
signs is an awesome movie.

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