inquisitive to a fault ie.nosey
he is signifying our conversation.

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    a girl who says she is gay, but really is bi, straight or just freaks. “my friend was doin’ this girl last year and thought she was hot. turns out she was just a sike a dyk-.” “sike a what?” “sike a dyk-. man, she was a freak. she was taping the s-x and selling […]

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    a really cool girl. they generally have a love for emos. can be found in most scene places. they are very good looking and have a great scene of humour and personality. they are generally the radest girls around. =] person 1- omfg that girl is such a sinead. person 2- yeah but nowhere as […]

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    new wave of british heavy metal, one of the earliest metal genre and influenced tons of other metal bands including metallica, megadeth, slayer, etc…. bands including iron maiden, judas priest, etc…

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    skate park hoes the girls that just go to skate parks to watch guys and hope 1 will hook up with them. go to the skate park almost every day and never get on a skatebard and skate gawd thoughs skapoes were here yesterday and the day b4 and they havent been on abord yet

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