a sigourney is an awesome chick, who doesn’t take herself to seriously. she can be forceful and sometimes blunt. a non-conformist who stands for her beliefs! who is out to make a difference in this world, and has a realistic chance of success.
g-d, sigourney ‘s awesome!
i woman of mystery, she is intellectual, down to earth, and has a great sense of humor. though she can be a social b-tterfly, she also can be misunderstood. with an adventurous spirit and an optimistic att-tude- most people are bound to enjoy her company. she also goes by the following names: sig, siggy, or sigowee.
sigourney is super chilled. there’s something special about sigourney, she’s so unique.
a word filter on 4chan that appears when you say “moot”
pm sigourney and he’ll take care of it.
a blonde girl who is very lovable. she is extremely smart and athletic and has a wonderful ear for music. this girl has the ability to make anyone smile or laugh for as long as she wants to! she’s also very beautiful and extremely stylish. her friends love her for her ability to have fun and her sense of humor. her nickname is probably sig or siggy, but i think she would prefer sig.
sigourney is so cool!

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