he is gay and smells like oranges
you smell like a sijun

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  • whipping jide

    when you meet a jamestastic girl and she wants the d, you be whipping jide “i’m about to be whipping jide with this girl”

  • c*mmingbird

    a s-xual technique used to heavily arouse ones partner. to perform the “c-mmingbird”, just before you finish, you must start flapping your arms like wings and scream bird noises just before c-mm-ng inside your partner. i love the c-mmingbird so much when i am h-rny.

  • forum-phobia

    when your scared of forums because you think what you post will either get ignored by the community, and or hated on. “types out long -ss paragraph for thread” -forum-phobia kicks in- “deletes it”

  • doggling

    wasting time playing with the dog rather than doing useful work. also spelled dawgling. a combination of “dog” and “dawdling”. see also doggle, dawgle stop doggling and let’s get out of the house and get things done. the dog has gotten enough attention for now.

  • english grad student

    a bibliophile who has spent entirely too much time reading, writing, and thinking about the works of poets and authors who society at large has never heard of. i.e. george gissing & marie corelli (two examples) the english grad student realized with solemn humility that she had spent seven years of her life on an […]

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