sileighty is a nissan 180sx (240sx in the states) with a nissan silvia’s headlights and front b-mper installed, hence the ‘sil’ in front and the ‘eighty’ rear. the car is popular because it’s less costly to replace a silvia’s front than a 180sx’s front.
dam that sileighty’s front looks hot drifting around those corners.
a nissan car that is the hatchback 240sx in the us (180sx in j-pan) with a silvia front clip installed on the front of the car, it was made bacause in j-pan the 180sx front ends are to high in cost to replace after a crash, but the silvia front clips are cheaper and easier to find.

hints the name sil-eighty, sil fron silvia and eighty from 180sx

also note that nissan made 500 offical sil-eightys.
that sil-eighty just flew by us like we are sitting still!
an 80’s nissan, made from the front of a silvia s13 and the -ss end of a 180sx. this was done because when someone f-cked up the front of their 180sx, silvia s13 fronts were lighter and cheaper. when this style began to grow popular, nissan factory produced it, but only for a few years.
guy: “hey, i like your sil’eighty. you make it?”
jim: “yea i had a nasty reck a few weeks back, replaced the front.”

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