silent but deadly

a creeper, a floating air bisquit. a fart that can not be heard but can sure as h-ll be smelt. this type of flatulent sneaks up on you and unless there is a breeze, hard to tell who it came from. don’t ever recognize this type of fart out loud otherwise you fall into the rule of: “whoever smelt it delt it”
“dayum, someone done let loose a silent but deadly”
when a fart can be emitted so silently yet its strong enough to floor a rhino.
eating a meat-lovers pizza gives you silent-but-deadly -ss-gas.
a fart that is not heard, but smells so horrid that it could kill; also: silent but violent, sbd
your farts aren’t that bad when compared to grandpappie’s ol’ silent but deadlies.
something that, when combined with a dutch oven maneouver, is an excessive use of deadly force.
easy elevator clearance…
not a spleecher or a barfoom in that the originator of these stinkbombs cannot be detected until it is too late.
some broccoli-munching vegan cut a silent but deadly stinkbomb on the bus. eat meat, twerp!
a subtle release of nasty botty gas.
i just did a sbd!
legend has it that a man named pierre chappele, when on a recon mission, he found an enemy that was going to the bathroom.

pierre snuck up behind him and slit his neck, his last words sounded like a mild fart.
silent but deadly is now used as a military term to describe an awol (absence without leave)

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