silverlight is sh-t plugin for browsers so that web developers can code in a cr-p pointless language, worse then the brilliant language currently used, javascript. the only reason why anyone would ever use it is to install viruses (just like microsofts activex).
silverlight is a load of sh-t.
putting a metal or metallic flashlight (or lighter) in to someones -ss to perform -n-l s-x. in which the “receiver’s” nose lights up like rudolph the red-nosed reindeer.
after steve “silver lighted” bill, he no longer needed a night light to find his way to the refrigerator. and bill could also auto-light his own farts.
a brilliant framework for developing interesting and useful on-line business applications that actually requires the developer to understand how to develop a true client-server soa contract based system, beyond the trivial scripting abilities of an inane archaic, and much abused, language called javascript, that is best suited for trivial jokester sites that use php.
many sites are available for use, but you can see a wonderful showcase at slash showcase

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